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Donn Clothing

What We Did

The Request

Donn Clothing came to us at a point where their sales on Depop were increasing enough and they wanted to push things further and start really promoting their own web store.

The Process

We spoke with Donn to determine where they were at, what their budget was and what their goals were. Working closely with them we created a marketing strategy suited to where they were and allowed the room for growth.

We made some design changes to the website so that it would more likely convert the visitors.

Starting on an ad budget of just £400!! We got to work being extremely strategic with how we used this budget.

We began with Google Ads and put the entire budget into this platform, targeting lower cost keywords that still had some search volume allowed us to get things moving on a lower budget and still see some results.

Months down the line and we’re still working with Donn Clothing and their new website is on the horizon which will increase their results even further.

The Result

The results were brilliant, in just 6 months we went from £3,000 sales per month to more than £28,000!

Donn Clothing results last year

We can’t wait to see what happens when their new website goes live.

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